Hi there!Bidounavenue

Welcome to! a brand-new wannabe go-to platform for contagious Moroccan-based positivity. Expect positive-mindset empowering content through articles, interviews, reviews and a lot more in what intends to be a as-graphic-as-it-can-be hodgepodge of positivity, and a bold statement about the Morocco of today reported through the eyes of a 20yo business student. The 20yo business student, that’s me! My name is Hamza, and my ultimate goal starting this webzine with you -yes, YOU! as this is an interactive experience- is to federate a community of believers that l’3am can be zin if, we, make it so!

Join my journey as i wander through Morocco, both physically and virtually, surfing on late trains and slow internet, to get to know the Moroccans that are building the Morocco everyone is dreaming of on a day to day basis by undertaking little initiatives with big impact, looking for everybit of positive inspiration to spread.

Pack your positive attitude, and hop in the never late train of positivity!

lwebzinewebzinkom copie

Disclaimer : The mint tea is only virtual. We are not offering a tea cup to every one of our visitors as we don’t have that kind of logistics/budget…why are you crying?! don’t! we’re sorry! It’s easy to make you know! Go boil some water and put mint and sugar and…some will and it will do!

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